Sunday, 20 March 2011


We had a bad start - we couldn't find the paint!

However we had a full day of painting and got coat one (in some places coat two) done all over!!! Plus our super step son - in - law (ish) made us this table to have on site!


  1. Love your Blog and what you are doing with your caravans...Fab! We have just bought an old 70's caravan and have started work on her (Bertha). Just wondering what paint you use to paint the exterior?

  2. Thanks! We use Rustoleum. It's good stuff! X

  3. Hello, love your blog. I am 19 living in a caravan out the back of my parents house.
    I would love if you helped me out with my caravan by giving me ideas for it.
    I could send you pictures through email or something.
    Email me:

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  5. Hi. Oh they look lovely. I have 2 caravans much in need of repair and restoration - a 1950's Bluebird and an earlier Raven. I am looking for someone with the skills to sort out the panels and leaks. Would you be interested in getting in touch and seeing if you can do this work - I will pay of course! We are in the Cotswolds. Thanks. Jane

  6. Jane - drop me an email - we can paint but prob push you towards someone else we know for panels.