Thursday, 20 January 2011


Happy Harris. What a star!

Our wonderful graphics!

Looking at the site!

On Friday we are looking at the site and seeing where we are putting our vans.

Retro caravan holidays

Vintage caravan holidays

Shabby chic caravan holiday

It's all here!

We''l have a web site very soon.

Retro caravans for sale and much more!!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Looks like we've got a site!

Fingers crossed it looks like we have got a site to put our caravans on for rental in 2011! Excellent news and a great location. Stay tuned and we will tell all when it is confirmed!

We've been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, with the crap weather, then flu and Christmas. Pete has an op on his eyes this week so it will be quiet for a few days and then we start our marketing drive and start getting the vans ready - scary stuff but it looks like Cute Caravans rentals is gonna happen!