Thursday, 24 March 2011

Guns and Monzas!

So, we are at the stage where we wanted to buy the last few things to equip Millie (cool box, pillowcases, cutlery etc.) so we decide a trip to Ipswich (ooo er!) is in order.

Check Ebay Tues night and see a caravan that we are not too sure about but it is local and decide to take a look.

Text the owner who says turn up anytime and gives us his postcode. Looked it up on Multimap and sussed it was on a USAF base but as the base has loads of civilain housing assumed it was there.


It was on the active side, and as we had no address or name it was no surprise that they woudln't let us in. We'd made an effort to see it but weren't going to argue with soldiers holding machine guns.

Anyway, we go shopping and get a call from teh owner who is very apologetic and we go back JUST TO TAKE A LOOK.

Luckily (or maybe not) there was a cashpoint on site,

Meet our 'new' Abi Monza!!!!

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