Thursday, 30 September 2010


Behind the scenes

You don't want us to tell you how good we are. Let's hear from the staff.

1st Bess from accounts ( a daunting job indeed!)

Bess is lovely but a bit of a dog.

OK, we are a bit pissed.

We tried to get an interview with Wilfred but there were some IT issues and he was rather tied up.

Sisters of percy.

The rest of the team.

Of course we can't run this business on our own and we have decided to take the team away for a final nights caravanning tomorrow.

We haven't packed yet,  but Wilfred (IT supervisor) has and it doesn't look like he is going to let Bess from accounts share.

Curtain fabric for Millie!

Alfie has been stripping the carpet out of Millie and has picked up the fabrics for the curtains!

I got a bit tied up with real work but have done a bit of repair work.

Next week is knuckle down week for me.

And we still have Elise the Eldiss to do up for a holiday rental!!

Tidying up.

Well we've both got a morning of 'real work'. Hopefully followed by an afternoon of blitzing the new arrivals!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Caravan number 03

What a day.

I went to pick up an old Eldiss van. On the way a loony teenage girl nearly drove head on in to me which was a bit of a shock.

Picked the van up when I eventually found the house in the middle of nowhere. I'm not used to towing at all and the van was heavy. Joy of joys, a two and a half hour journey home involving Norwich city centre and some seriously tiny roads.

Just to round it off I may have burned my clutch out whilst trying to park it up.

Ho hum.

Pictures later, wine first.

A twit Tweets

Ideas for Millie


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Meet Millie - pre op.

This is Millie

She is a 19977 pre-op Monza. Lots of work to do but a nice challenge!

Marketing and design meeting

Meet us (if you dare)

Alfie is the hippy

Pete is the eye candy and not in anyway a nerd.

Meet Maude

Maude is caravan number 01.

Probably the same age as us (a child of the sixties) but still pretty foxy and full of fun and frolics ( a bit like us).

We picked her up looking a bit sad.......

But we turned her in to something really rather happy!!

Inside she really comes to life

Mr Old (our traveling companion) loves her.

She is big and brave and even dark skies do not scare her

Hello and welcome to Cute Caravans

The story so far.....

We bought a lovely little caravan and 'did it up' in our own quirky way.

Everyone liked it so we bought another...... and we have just bought another!

WE'VE GOT NOWHERE TO PUT IT! And not really able to pay for it!!!

Stay tuned!

Pete and Alfie x