Sunday, 3 April 2011

Millie's 1st outing. She is now ready to rent!

We did it! Bloody hell - we've got our 1st rental out and doesn't she look good!


  1. Hi, I just had to stop by and say Hi! I stumbled upon your Adorable Caravan thru Happy Loves Rosie's Blog...just love your all Happy's Things! I want to be the American version:D Love your Decor too! May I ask? I see the wooden staked fabric along side caravan's in the UK. Is that a common site when you are camping/glamping? Are they for privacy? I just Love the Idea, and would love to be the first to start the Trend here in the U.S.:D
    Well, I will sure be back to read more of your Adorable Caravan Blog!
    Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours!

  2. Love this blog and the work you guys are doing! Great to the old ones being brought back to life.

    You keep visiting to see any new projects.

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